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Momma to 3 amazing little people, wife to an outstanding fella, photographer, teacher, lover of nature & life.

My passion for photography goes back to my childhood, where I would spend hours gazing at photographs at my grandparents house. I loved to live life through those photos, they captured precious memories and made them last forever. Grabbing my parent's camera and snapping away was one of my favorite things to do. My first real camera was given to me by my fella as a wedding gift and I got to try it out in beautiful Colorado. I was hooked. The love of photography grew as we added our first baby to our family and it quickly became something that I craved. Photographing my babies, family and friends soon turned into capturing life for so many dear friends (I cannot call them clients, they are so much more than that). I am so incredibly honored to create memories for families, memories that will one day be gazed at adoringly. 

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